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SDG&E Rebate

SDG&E Rebate

SDG&E Rebate for Improving Your Home’s Insulation

SDG&E Rebate

According to the SDG&E Rebate, you can save up to 25% on your utility bill this winter by improving your home’s insulation. Additionally,  by replacing and/or installing insulation in your home with an R-13 value or better, SDG&E is offering a rebate to help offset the cost.  SDG&E rebate pays $0.15 per square foot on R-13 (or better). Lowering energy bills and getting paid to do so, sounds like a win-win!

SDG&E Rebate, Insulation, and R-Values

Not sure what an R-Value is?  Here is a great explanation.  In summary, the higher the R-Value number, the better the insulation.  R-values measure the thermal resistance of a particular material.  By improving your home’s insulation, you will help to keep the heat in this winter.  Additionally, you will also help to keep the heat out next summer.

Click here for more information on the SDG&E Rebate program.  You can also download and print the rebate application here.  Or, you can complete the SDG&E Rebate application online here.

Also, check out this diagram for common points of air leakage in a home.  Check back here periodically for helpful DIY home improvement tips to better your home’s insulation.  We will be posting weekly tips and tricks to help you put money back into your pocket, reduce your carbon footprint, and make your home more comfortable.

SDG&E Rebate

SDG&E Rebate