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Vinyl Windows of all Shapes and Sizes

Coughlin Windows and Doors installs vinyl replacement and new construction windows of all shapes and sizes.  All windows, whether installed as replacement or as new construction, are custom-made-to-order.  That means your windows will fit perfectly within your existing and/or specified openings.  All custom options; including insulation performance, hardware finish, sound control glazing, frame type, color, and mechanical operation are designed to meet your specific needs and style.  Our friendly, knowledgeable, and no-pressure sales team will help you design windows that compliment your home’s decor; making your home more comfortable, secure, and beautiful. That’s the Coughlin promise!

2-Lite Slider Window

Description: Operates from the left or right hand side, on horizontal grooves or tracks.

Features: This is the perfect for those looking for a more contemporary or modern look. This window makes more use of horizontal space and works well on walls or areas where there isn’t an abundance of vertical space.  The customer has the option of choosing which side of the window slides open.

Picture Window

Picture Window

Description: This is a non-operable window which does not open or close. It’s fixed within a single frame and offers many styles and a variety of glass options.

Features: There is no better way to bring in natural light and showcase a beautiful view in your Southern California home, than a pictured window.

Awning Window

Description: The awning window has hinges at the top and opens out from the bottom in an upward motion.

Features: This window is similar to the casement window. This is a great window option for bathrooms, allowing maximum airflow but still have privacy in mind.

3-Lite Slider Window

Description: This window operates from both the left and right hand side. With a clear open view and fixed panel in the center.

Features: This is a great window that allows maximum airflow.  This window also allows an open unobstructed view and is great for large openings. Two operable panels of the window offer full control of your ventilation needs.

Geometric / Trapezoid (Unique Shaped Windows)

Description: These windows are design in two forms: Straight line geometrics or Radius geometrics. Example of the options available would be: Rectangles, Triangles, Trapezoids, Octagons, Pentagons, half-rounds, quarter-rounds, circles, ellipses, eyebrows etc.

Features: These windows provide many architectural options and allow for more intricate design of a home or work place.

Bay Windows / Bow Windows

Bay Windows / Bow Windows

Description: Bay Windows are an angled window, consisting of three different windows that project out from the wall of the home. They are commonly joined by 30 and 45 degree angles. Bow Windows are similar but have a more rounded appearance having only a 10 degree angle.

Features: Bay and boy windows are most noticed by their beauty. They are excellent for small spaces, making a small room appear larger. They increase light flow into a room, and can give an illusion of the room opening up into the outdoors.

Single Hung Window

Description: This window has the bottom panel sliding vertically, where the top is fixed. This is the most common vertical sliding window.

Features: One of the strongest features of Single Hung Windows is the option to tilt-in the bottom panel for easy cleaning.

Casement Window

Description: Rather than a traditional sliding window, the casement window is hinged and designed to open outward on the right or left side.

Features: Casements Windows allow for maximum airflow. It offers simplicity of modern design and is an ideal choice for Southern California homes and maximum airflow.

Garden Windows

Garden Windows

Description: Garden Windows project out from the home. They are a three-sided window that includes a shelf with a glass top and glass sides. You can easily add a greenhouse to any room with this window.

Features: The main features to having a garden window are adding shelf space, as well as added light for growing plants etc. and to illuminate the room. These windows have many variations and options available.

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Energy Star

Energy Star

No matter where you live, all doors can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR guidelines for any region of the country. Helping reduce your heating and cooling costs and meet the guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy.

American Architectural Manufacturers Association

American Architectural Manufacturers Association

Thanks to AAMA Gold Certification, you can be sure all windows and doors meet the highest performance standards for air and water infiltration resistance, structural integrity and forced entries.